Next week in activism

The year may have just begun, but sending the message of discontent to the government is well and truly under way. This week we saw the several demonstrations against the governments plans to scrap the Educational Maintenance Allowance (both on Wednesday and ahead of the vote) with the #saveEMA trending hashtags nationwide on twitter. Activists from Climate Rush also came out to demonstrate against the sales of forests, as well as library users on the Isle of Wight through a mass borrow of books at Newport library to prevent the closure of  9 out of 11 of their local libraries.

This week is set to be no different with a number of dates for the activists diary already set.

Monday 24 January 2011

Women’s Blockade

Women are coming out against what they see as an abuse of women by police spies tomorrow outside Scotland Yard.

Abuse of women by police must stop now! Women’s blockade on Monday 

The shocking revelations about police infiltration of protest movements get more extreme day by day. Reading Laura’s story in the Guardian today about a 4th undercover cop has made us angry, sad, and upset… bringing home the true gravity of what the state does to political women in the UK. environment/2011/jan/19/wi fe-fourth-police-spy-child ren

This protest will come in the form of a blockade at Scotland Yard. Organisers say that this is an event led by women, but that men are more than welcome. To get involved see the event page on Facebook.

National Protests Against Benefit Cuts

Take Action Against Atos Origin and the Poverty Pimps on the 24th January 2011
Facebook event can be found here 

And for those unable to make it to protests:

From Benefits Claimants Fight Back – for those who cannot make it to Monday protests physically but still want to make an impact –
STOP PRESS – don’t forget you can also troll atos origin direct

Find more information here.

Tuesday 25 January 2011

If you fancy a day in from the cold there is another UKUncut meeting on Twitter this Tuesday.

UKUNCUT twitter meeting. action planning: share your tips for effective action on the 30th. THIS TUESDAY 20:30. #ukuncut 

Last weeks #taxmeet was very effective, so if you’d like to join in with the planning this time, follow at!/UKuncut

Wednesday 26 January 2011

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is back once again and has organised two days of activism this week.

The first is this Wednesday:

National Walkout – Save EMA! Stop All Cuts! Free Education!
Wednesday 26 January
Facebook event here 

Contact them by email for more information.

Saturday 29 Jamuary 2011

The second NCAFC organised event this week is a national day of action:

National Demonstration – No Fees, No Cuts! Defend Education and the Public Sector!
Saturday 29 January, London
Facebook event here.

In the New Year let’s take back the streets of London in defence of education and our public sector! Please start mobilising transport etc from your university, school, workplace or union branch for this demonstration now.

* Withdraw the lifting of the cap on fees – free education for all
* Instead of the scrapping of EMA, a living grant for every student
* No cuts to jobs, services or benefits – tax the rich to fund public services
* Student-worker unity and action to beat the government

Sunday 30 January 2011

UKUncut have said that “Sunday January 30th is the Deadline for Corporate Tax Dodgers” and a number of demonstrations will be taking place across the country.

After the #taxmeet last Tuesday, the main target was agreed as Boots. Having avoided 30% of their tax last year (amounting to about £150,000,000). Surely this is a slap in the face for the NHS and its patients.

What better excuse therefore than to dress up as patients, doctors, nurses and other medical workers and turn Boots into a hospital?

You will find the main event on Facebook here and can look up what’s happening near you on the UKUncut website.

That week is sure to keep any activist busy. We all want to send our message of discontent, so make sure your voice is heard this week and every other until we see real change.

Do let me know if I have left out any events.


Next week in activism

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