London will demonstrate in solidarity with Libya

Each Arab state is different, just as every other country in the world has its own character and flavour. Whilst Tunisians were able to oust their dictator in a relatively short period of time, Egyptians were forced to hold their ground in Tahrir square for much longer. Now the revolution has well and truly spread and the world has seen that some have to fight even harder for their freedom.

Libyans are being killed by their own leader for daring to stand up to his tyrannical regime that has lasted for more than four decades. Whilst he shows images of cheering crowds on Libyan state TV, Muammar al-Gaddafi’s citizens are being murdered on the streets by his hired melicia and fired on by planes in Tripoli. More than 300 Libyans have died since this revolution started with many more suffering injuries too horrific to even show on television.

The world is watching on, shocked, but for now only watching. It took President Obama’s administration until 5pm to issue a statement on the matter and when it did come it was simply to express condemnation of what was happening. It is our governments that fund the weapons that are killing Libyans (and others) all around the world and now they are cautious to say anything. Coincidently, David Cameron took arms dealers to Egypt today as part of his Middle East tour. We must call for a stop to be put to this kind of murderous profiteering, sooner rather than later.

Just as we should urge our government to do something about the genocide being committed against Libyans by their ruler. It has become hard to watch the images emerging out of Libya, a lot of it is too harrowing even to show on television.

Attend the demonstration at Downing Street today, 3pm. Coaches left Didsbury Mosque, Manchester at 8am – I hope you were on them. Bring your family, friends and anyone else who cares about democracy, freedom of speech and the lives of Libyans.

This is a universal battle. Don’t let Libyans fight alone.


London will demonstrate in solidarity with Libya

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